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Well, blow us down, the SCORE staff’s back from Boob Cruise 2000, soggy but happy, and we're proud, dammit, to present our Third Annual All Real Boobathon starring the best busty bodies from the UK, Europe, the US and South America. No implants this issue, mates. English megastar Linsey McKenzie leads the parade of British pulchritude, with new pinktorials of Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner in a sizzling SCORE XTRA (U.S. Edition) pokeyfest with France's Charlotte, and Scotland's hirsute Clare getting a load of ballsauce in her first SCORE XTRA guy-girl. (Linsey, Lorna and Jessica are fresh off the Boob Cruise and they were incredible!) Head to Brazil and visit a spell with Sylvia Panda, the supernatural queen of Rio. Head to America and the lush buxomality of Autumn Jade and Miss SCORE Newcummer of 1999, Via Paxton. Swing back to the UK and explore the ripeness of Sweden's Annette Christanson and voluptuous English sweetheart Kerry Marie. See what our new video, On Location In Portugal, is all about, starring an awesome line-up: Linsey, Jessica, Lorna, Annette, plus Jade, Adele Stephens and Teresa May. Whoa! Alyssa Alps is in the groove with her column “On The Road,” and “Boob Beat” drags its ass to Interactive 2000, the world's dirtiest Internet expo.

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Sometimes known as Jade, this is Autumn's 2nd appearance in our all-natural breasts issue, that issue being August 99 and the much loved "Big Bust Line-Up ." This is her fifth set in SCORE magazine (May 2000's pairing with Linsey shot during the video "Linsey's Lezzie Seduction," Dec. 99, May 99 and Dec 98). It is also her cover shot and a whopping one it is, looking teasey in her undies compared to the all nude covershot of Voluptuous March 99. Y'know we read stuff about Autumn in other boob mags, and we have to laugh at the absolute bullshit they print. Maybe there are a few readers who accept it as her although we still doubt even that very much. Take our word, it's just an underpaid copywriter hunched on the toilet bowl. Our fearless, higher education-fixated editor interviewed Autumn for the Dec 99 issue and their talk is being transferred to SCORELAND. Here you'll find the real Autumn. In the April 2000 Voluptuous, Autumn made nice-nice with the magnificent Chloe Vevrier (for a scene in our video "Bosom Buddies #2") So this sweetie pie from Huntsville, Alabama has knockered about with the two biggest superstars of SCORE Europe.

Autumn Jade
Autumn JadeAutumn JadeAutumn Jade


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For those who love girly shows, this is a load builder of a pictorial. Now who's the blonde who looks so familiar? It's the slimmed-down Charlotte, the French covergirl of Voluptuous July 98 and February 99 and SCORE's December 98 and July 99 fame. Wow! She looks sensational paired here with the UK's increasingly daring Jessica Turner, fresh off the Boob Cruise as we write this copy. Jess was a total joy on BC2K, happy, vivacious, highly spirited---years ago, before the meaning of the word changed, we would have included "gay" as in those Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movies. She speaks volumes with just one arch of her trademarked eyebrows. Never once showing the slightest look of fatigue during a highly charged week, Jess could be found all the place, that lovely smile for all brightening the Caribbean setting better than any sunrise.

Jessica Turner
Jessica TurnerJessica TurnerJessica Turner


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It's interesting to watch the natural progression of the English models. Many of them, like Kerry, start off slow and shy. During their first modeling sessions, they go down to only their knickers and save their cookies for some future date. Then they get progressively daring. Such is the case with Kerry Marie, who debuted in our Feb. ‘99 issue, and continued her appearances with the all-natural August ‘99 (her covershot), April 2000, and now this issue. It's not unlike a dating situation, where the object of your affections goes the “way,” slowly but surely. We suppose the tease factor in this can drive a guy out of his mind. Then again, the bust things in life are worth waiting for, and that includes Kerry. When not modeling she works as dental nurse in Portsmouth. We're not so sure we'd want to visit the dentist she works for. With her in the office, the doctor must be subject to all kinds of distractions, unless he's an old fellow, and he might wind up drilling into the wrong teeth as he peers down Kerry's blouse instead of your mouth.

Kerry Marie Tits
Kerry MarieKerry Marie XXXKerry Marie Tits


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Is it really Linsey's tenth SCORE magazine appearance? Man, we are losing count. Where's that calculator? You'll be seeing lots of the great Linsey in our forthcoming Boob Cruise 2000 issue (Holiday 2000) and in However, many of you kept abreast of the Boob Cruise through the SCORELAND daily updates so you've seen Linsey "live" at work and play with the gang in the Caribbean. And let us tell you, Linsey was an absolute delight to be with that fantastic week. Up early, to-bed late, she was nonstop, happy to be with us, happy to be with the Cruisemates, and a joy for us to be with. In a world with unknown models who act like freeze dried prima donnas without a shred of justification, it's amazing and very pleasing that global megastar Linsey is very much a part of the SCORE "team" of supermodels. She didn't scuba but she did parasail during a break in the breastivities and she had a blast doing it. Two new videos spotlight Linsey at her sexiest, Linsey's Lezzie Seduction (of America's Autumn) and the latest, On Location In Portugal starring Linsey, Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Kerry Marie, Annette Christian and Teresa May, Adele Stephens and Jade.

Linsey Dawn Mckenzie
Mckenzie Linsey Dawn hardcoreMckenzie Linsey Dawn BoobsMckenzie Linsey Dawn


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The fourth of our British all-real bust stars this issue, and the third of our fantastic Brit Boob Cruisers. Like Linsey and Jessica, Lorna Morgan was an absolute sweetheart on the Cruise, friendly and warm to all. Always on deck, when not posing, to party and dance with the guys (and other girls), always giving her all, living each day to the fullest, trying her hand at SCUBA (she got her certification just prior because she knew she’d have opportunities on BC2000 to use it) and parasailing. Lorna Morgan was a wonderful choice by SCORE for this year's Cruise, and we in turn want to thank her for being the delight she was, the way she treated us and all the Cruisemates. She has come a very long way in a short time through her exposure in SCORE and Voluptuous, and not merely as a pictorial published in a magazine.

Lorna Morgan
Morgan LornaMorgan Lorna hardcoreMorgan Lorna pussy


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The American answer to the all-natural explosion of real breasted UK superstars. Via debuted with spectacular appearances in the September ‘99 issues of SCORE and Voluptuous, and nailed both covers. That September SCORE is a goner, sold out of our warehouse. Well, we hope you scored a copy while you could. Again, we have a lovely find who started off nice and easy in her first few posedowns in our Florida studio, and now has worked up in this photo set to the two fingered cookie spread (and brown-eye winkie shots) that make our lives complete. We can't tell you who Via works for in “real life” because she'd have us slowly killed but it's a major courier company everyone uses daily worldwide. Our “1999 Miss Newcomer of the Year” was a tough race, but the readers voted their fav and this sultry delight won their hearts and glands. And a lot of them, longtime boob model lovers, believe she has stepped into the spotlight held by the great Devon Daniels. Her only video so far has been A Day With Via Paxton, an R-rated titty-ditty with a car washing scene you'll play over and over again. What the future holds for sweet Via, no one can say, but we want this SCORE exclusive’s future to be with us.

Via Paxton
Via PaxtonVia PaxtonVia Paxton


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